Fakemode (fake 18-bit hicolor mode)

Fakemode (fake 18-bit hicolor mode) was used in scene demos and intros around 1995-1997 to display more than 256 colors on plain VGA cards when hicolor modes were still not popular and not quite standardised. It uses normal 256 color mode. Three rows of pixels are used to display each of the color component and on very old crt monitors they will blend into single row of hicolor pixels. That’s right – first line – shades of red, second – green, third – blue. Because VGA has only 64 shades of each component it uses only 192 (3×64) colors from the 256 color palette. The biggest drawback of this mode is 3 times lower vertical resolution.

Some examples: Gustar by Camorra, Transgression 2 by mfx, Bill G Force by Komplex.
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