ham_convert 0.5 pre-alpha

This version will support importing a 64-color palette from a text file (JASC palette file format). I decided to add it because some time ago IrfanView received a very good high-quality colour reduction algorithm which is better than ImageMagick‘s. It also can export the colour palette to a text file.
If you reduce the number of colours of your image to 64 in IrfanView by that algorithm and export the resulting 64-color palette to a file you will be able to import it to my program. That optimized palette will drastically improve the quality of the resulting HAM8 file. I’m also working on my own colour reduction algorithm, but it will be not as good as the IrfanView’s. I’m also experimenting with ImageMagick.
I posted some test pictures below. I took them in Warsaw, Poland.
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