Lossless FLAC internet radio stations

There are a few internet radio stations streaming in lossless flac format. The sound quality should be identical to the audio cd, but your download speed should 1.2 Mbit/s or higher (bitrate is typically between 900-1200 kbit/s). One on these stations is Absolute Radio from the UK. They’ve got also streams with music from various decades from 60s to 00s. If Ogg FLAC ~1Mb streams aren’t working at the moment try Ogg Vorbis ~160k. The quality is also great and it consumes much less bandwidth. If your connection is very slow (or you have a mobile internet with a download limit) check out the new Opus streams or 64k aac. Try also the foobar2000 music player.

Update: Absolute Radio is now only available from the UK and Absolute Radio flac, vorbis and opus streams are down. I’ve provided the highest quality aac steam links routed through some random uk proxy servers that seem to work in the foobar2000 outside the UK but without the track names.

Absolute Radio (UK)
m3u playlist (flac, vorbis 160 kbps, aac 64 kbps, opus 96 kbps)
Absolute 90s aac 128k
Absolute 80s aac 128k
Absolute 70s aac 128k
Absolute 60s aac 128k
Absolute classic rock aac 128k
Server status+list of working mountpoints
Official website - list of all streams (UK only)
ČRo D-dur (classical station - Czech Republic)
ČRo D-dur - flac 48 kHz
Other ČRo stations - vorbis 224 kbps
EuroparadioJazz - flac stream
EuroparadioJazz - main page
Fréquence 3
Fréquence 3 - flac stream
Fréquence 3 - main page
AI Radio - videogame music, demoscene, tracker
AI Radio - flac stream
AI Radio - main page (includes current songs's original format)