JDiskCat 1.3.1 released.


  • New Configuration Window.
  • Added “nerd mode” option featuring old size display method.
  • Display “no results” in Search Window using message box instead of results table.
  • Improved About Window.
  • Cleaned code a bit.


  • Main window: added option to open data files save location
  • Main window: added option to import xml file
  • Main window: volume add button is now disabled during cataloging
  • Main window: volume properties additionally displays number of files, folders, catalog data file name, size and location
  • Progress window: added path to currently analysed sub-folder
  • About window: e-mail address can be clicked to send an e-mail using default mail client
  • Main window+search window: size is now displayed in a more elegant way
  • Search window: new look
  • Fixed incorrect search window display under linux
  • Fixed lack of file and volume sorting on linux (listfiles java function lists folder contents unsorted on linux with openjdk so added own sorting)
  • Some minor tweaks and bugfixes Continue reading