Easy-to-use multi-platform cataloguing program supporting local or removable media – drives and folders. Uses XML files as a data storage.
It was originally created in 2010 to catalogue software compilations (also called freeware/shareware compilations) and CDs distributed with computer magazines. It was later improved to support any kind of disks and folders recognized by the operating system. Today I mainly use this program with external hard drives. Network drives probably work but cataloguing of them is slow.
It can be used to catalogue fragile disks like CDs and floppies which are easy to damage. Cataloguing enables user to check what they contain without putting them physically into drive and avoid the possibility of a mechanical damage.
Download package includes a complete NetBeans project with source code. No installation required. You can copy this program anywhere or transfer it to another computer. Tested on Windows and Linux but should work on other platforms with Java installed.

Project page on sourceforge.net

2 thoughts on “JDiskCat

  1. Hello JDiskCat,

    I found your program after a long search and I like it. Its very nice and fast. I use it on a daily base to scan multiple disks. therefore I hope you do continue development now and then and will take my following suggestions in consideration.
    – scan multiple disks in one time (or batch scanning)
    – when search results doesn’t show up use ‘enter’ to press OK instead of mouse-click or ‘escape’ button
    -remember settings for colums and selecting volumes, etc.

    Well I do hope that you continue this very nice piece of software, if not, I will use it as it is, so thanx

    Greetings from the Netherlands

    Jos ter Horst

    • I’m currently working on a different project but I will try to expand this program in the future. Thank you for your feedback.

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