Lossless FLAC internet radio stations

There are a few internet radio stations streaming in lossless flac format. Sound quality should be identical to the audio cd, but your download speed should 1.2 Mbit/s or higher (bitrate is typically between 900-1200 kbit/s). One on these stations is Absolute Radio from the UK. They’ve got also streams with music from various decades from 60s to 00s. If Ogg FLAC ~1Mb streams aren’t working at the moment try AAC+ 128k. Try also the foobar2000 music player. Additional flac stream list is available here.

Update: Absolute Radio is now only available from the UK and Absolute Radio flac, vorbis and opus streams are down. I’ve provided the highest quality aac steam links routed through some random uk proxy servers that seem to work in the foobar2000 outside the UK but without the track names.

Absolute Radio (UK)
Official website - list of all streams
Server status+list of working mountpoints
ČRo D-dur (classical station - Czech Republic)
ČRo D-dur - flac 48 kHz
Other ČRo stations - vorbis 224 kbps
EuroparadioJazz - flac stream
EuroparadioJazz - main page
Fréquence 3
Fréquence 3 - flac stream
Fréquence 3 - main page

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    • Sorry, I forgot to update the links. I have some old links on my playlist that are still working here in Poland. It seems that only links on their website don’t work outside the UK, because they load a different streams based of the country. Direct links to the streams will work everywhere, because they point directly to the mountpoints on the icecast server (I will add link to the server’s status page). Some flac and opus streams are down at the moment. The only working flac and opus streams are 90s, 70s and 60s. All stations have working vorbis ~160 kbps streams and aac ~64 kbps. Here’s my playlist from foobar2k:

    • Thanks and sorry for the delay. I haven’t noticed your comment because of a bit too aggressive anti-spam filter settings.

  1. Just want to say just tried a couple of these flac stations on Foobar 2000
    But just about all stations it’s pointless to listen to them not because of the flac stream but the content.
    Just as highly cpmressed as the normal radio stations exept for one “Cro- d Dur ” classical
    It’s the only one who understands the use and meaning of an high res stream

  2. SECTOR radio — This is the best lossless radio station, according to the magazine “Stereo & Video”.

    • Channel SECTOR Progressive:

    • Channel SECTOR Space:

    • Channel SECTOR Next:

    • Channel SECTOR Classical (Coming soon):

  3. Thanks for your great list of hi-res internet radio!
    I’ve got a suggestion for you, a station from The Netherlands. I’m listening to it every day, while I’m working in my photo studio, for some years already.

    Main stream pop music, according to the owner of the station the playout is lossless and the complete pipeline is 24 bit.

    Riverside Radio (https://www.riversideradio.nl):
    FLAC (24 bit, ~2000 kbps): https://stream.and-stuff.nl:8443/live-riverside-flac
    MP3 320 kbps: https://stream.and-stuff.nl:8443/live-riverside
    AAC+ 32 kbps: https://stream.and-stuff.nl:8443/live-riverside-low

    I love it because the audio isn’t clipped and compressed to the max, but the sound is warm and consistent.

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