ham_convert 0.6

A new version with a lot of new features and improvements is ready.

ham_convert 0.6

ham_convert 0.6


  • Added HAM-6 mode – 2 control bits+4 bits of data, 16-color palette, 12-bit color space (Amiga OCS/ECS).
  • Added HAM-10 mode – 2 control bits+8 bits of data, 256 color palette, 24-bit color space (unfinished Amiga AAA). For comparison HAM-8 uses 2 control bits+6 bits of data, 64 color palette, 24-bit color space.
  • Added 32-color indexed mode – 32 colors out of 4096 (Amiga OCS/ECS).
  • Added 64-color EHB (Extra Half-Brite) mode – 32 colors+the same 32, but with halved brightness out of 4096 colors (Amiga OCS/ECS).
  • Added ZX Spectrum mode – 15 colors divided into two palettes: bright1 and bright0. Two colors per 8×8 pixel block, both from bright1 or both from bright0.
  • Added ZX Spectrum 8×1 mode available in some ZX Spectrum clones like Timex Sinclair, Pentagon and SAM Coupé (take a look at the Lyra 3 Megademo for the SAM Coupé). This mode uses a 8×1 pixel block size to improve the color resolution. The rest is the same as in normal mode.
  • Improved the user interface for better clarity.
  • Fixed a few bugs.
  • Added a few additional sample palette files. The most important is the default EHB palette used by the Deluxe Paint IV that can be used in the EHB mode. There is also a 256-color palette consisting of a 6-8-5 level RGB with 16 spare palette entries filled with shades of gray. Black and white was already used so I calculated a 18-level grayscale, skipped black and white and put the remaining 16 shades on the spare palette entries.

Release notes:

  • ZX modes are experimental and very slow. Dithering is also difficult to use in these modes.

Get in here:

Mirror (all versions)

Here are some test pictures (Kołobrzeg, Poland, 54°10’34.1″N 15°35’18.5″E):

Base image

Base image (Kołobrzeg, Poland, military shop advertisement)

32-color mode (out of 4096)

32-color mode (out of 4096) – Amiga OCS/ECS

64-color EHB mode (out of 4096)

64-color EHB mode (out of 4096) – Amiga OCS/ECS

HAM6 (16-color base palette)

HAM6 mode (16-color base palette) – Amiga OCS/ECS

HAM8 (64-color base palette)

HAM8 mode (64-color base palette) – Amiga AGA

HAM10 (256-color base palette)

HAM10 (256-color base palette) – Amiga AAA

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