ham_convert 0.6.1

I’ve got a smaller update this time. Just a few ZX conversion tweaks.


ham_convert 0.6.1

Here’s a list of changes and new features:

  • Fixed Floyd-Steinberg dithering in ZX modes. It should be much less blocky.
  • Added ZX Spectrum 8×2 mode (8×2 pixel attributes).
  • Added Bayer ordered dithering. It’s more easier to use in ZX modes than Floyd-Steinberg, because it operates on a single pixel without analysing the rest of the image. ZX Spectrum 2-color per attribute limit makes implementing Floyd-Steinberg dithering quite problematic, because it’s only possible to distribute error to nearby attributes that have the same palette. That’s not a problem with Bayer dithering due to lack of error distribution.
  • Added choosing what palette to use with the ZX conversion (bright0, brigth1 or both of them).

Release notes:

  • ZX modes are still experimental and need more work. Bayer dithering seems to look better with only half of the palette (bright0 or bright1).


Get it here:

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