ham_convert 1.0.2

A bugfix release with improved DynamicHires conversion.

Mirror (all stable and testing versions)


  • Lots of small fixes mainly in the palette editor.
  • DynamicHires: conversion rewritten from scratch. Additional dithering modes are also available: Sierra Lite and 1D dithering (a special single-line dithering method suitable for DynamicHires mode). The quality is quite unpredictable for now and it needs further research.
  • Interlaced mode – splits image into 2 images with odd or even lines only (created for some Arduboy experiments).

Update (13.10.2016): changing color every selectable range of pixels was replaced in 1.1.0 beta with the selection of the number of colors (1 to 14) replaced in the palette before drawing the current line. It produces better results and dithering in this variant is less problematic. Amiga is capable of replacing up to 14 of 16 colors in the palette every line in 16-color hires mode.
Experimental batch conversion and ham6 palette optimizer are also available.

Mirror (all stable and testing versions)

Test images:

Base image - Kołobrzeg, Poland

Base image – Kołobrzeg, Poland

DynamicHires mode

DynamicHires mode (169 colors)

Normal 16-color mode

Normal 16-color mode

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