ham_convert 1.1.0

A new version featuring batch conversion, multithreaded HAM6 palette optimization and DynamicHires improvements.

Mirror (all stable and testing versions)


  • Batch conversion.
  • Multithreaded HAM6 palette optimization. Attempts to minimize average error by inserting colors from the source image. Unlike previous methods this one performs HAM6 conversion each time to measure how palette modification affects average error. Its more efficient and reliable than CIEDE HAM palette generator but very slow. There is also a turbo switch that reduces source palette to 256 colors prior to calculation for a big speedup with little quality loss.
  • DynamicHires: ability to change the number of colors replaced every line (1-14 out of 16, default=14). Source palette size for lines>0 increased from 16 to 256-much better picture quality. Added Floyd-Steinberg 75% and Floyd-Steinberg 85% dithering.
  • Numerous small bug fixes.

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