ham_convert 1.0.1

A new version bringing IFF RLE compression, additional dithering modes, C64/Plus4 multicolor updates and various small fixes.

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  • IFF RLE compression.
  • Additional dithering modes: Sierra Lite, 2-row Sierra, Sierra/3-row Sierra.
  • Improved the quality of the 4-bit grayscale (16 shades of gray) dithering. Floyd-Steinberg seems to look best.
  • Added the option to normalize color channel values to 0-255 range.
  • Oversaturation glitch mode – an alternative method of dithering for HAM6. It is the oldest version that produced corrupted extremely over-saturated images. It’s not very useful, but the effect is interesting.
  • Updated multicolor C64/Plus4 modes with double horizontal pixels.
  • Various small fixes.

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