ham_convert 1.8.0

New in this version: iff palette import, additional ham6 optimization modes, image resizing, ehb fixes.

Main mirror (all stable and testing versions)
External mirror


  • DynamicHires: disabled putting the darkest color to the beginning of the palette – most used color provides better quality.
  • EHB bug fixes.
  • ehb_animation cli mode for batch conversion of animation/video frames. It calculates more consistent palettes between frames resulting in more stable video.
  • New “distributed” and “distributed2” (cielab version) ham6 palette optimization modes offering further reduction of artefacts.
  • Added image resize tab (experimental). It uses incremental bicubic scaling.
  • Calculated palette is now sorted darkest to brightest.
  • Experimental IFF palette import.
    ham_convert 1.8.0 - resizing

    ham_convert 1.8.0 – resizing

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