ham_convert 0.9.6

A new version with improved DynamicHires conversion and various other tweaks.

Get it here:
Mirror (all versions)


  • DynamicHires: various tweaks to reduce artefacting.
  • Color reducer: modes 4 and 5 were duplicated to add the ability to select the source palette size. Modes 5 and 7 start calculation from 2 times bigger palette than modes 4 and 6, but are otherwise the same. Modes 4 and 5 often give the most satisfying results.
  • NeuQuant cycles regulation. A value of 300 cycles seems to be a good choice for DynamicHires.
  • Color bit depth reducer: Atkinson dithering replaced with Bayer (ordered).
  • Write ham map option now also generates a second map. It is a grayscale image representing the ham errors. Bright shades represent higher errors.
  • Commodore Plus/4 hires conversion (2 colors per 8×8 block or 8×2 in fli mode, 121-color palette).
  • Faster C64 multicolor conversion.

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