ham_convert 1.8.4

New in this version: batch resizing, paletted png saving, checks-lines dithering in DynamicHires, ham6/8 palette length adjustment, additional ham6/8 cli quality factor parameters.

Main mirror (all stable and testing versions)
External mirror


  • HAM6/HAM8: number of used palette colors can be selected (image will only use first X colors, unused palette slots will be filled with last used color).
  • Batch mode: added batch resizing. Batch conversion can now also change image resolution using incremental bicubic scaling.
  • Paletted png saving (_indexed_output.png file) in 2-256-color modes.
  • Checks-lines dithering available in 2-256-color modes and DynamicHires.
  • Modified mode list order – modes grouped by platform.
  • Additional HAM quality factor parameters can be used in cli mode:
    • ham6_qX where X=0-7
      • 7 ham6_slowest
      • 6 ham6_slow
      • 5 ham6_normal
      • 4 ham6_normal_turbo
      • 3 ham6_fast
      • 2 ham6_faster
      • 1 ham6_fastest
      • 0 ham6_ludicrous
    • ham8_qX where X=0-3
      • 3 ham8_slow
      • 2 ham8_normal
      • 1 ham8_fast
      • 0 ham8_fastest

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