ham_convert 1.8.1

New in this version: 2-color Amiga mode, fixed CIE94 HAM6 glitches, fixed png saving, improved sliced HAM6 conversion and non-ordered dithering.

Main mirror (all stable and testing versions)
External mirror


  • Amiga modes: fixed png saving bug that caused colors to be slightly darker.
  • Added Amiga OCS 2-color indexed mode (also as a ocs2 in cli mode).
  • Amiga 2 to 256-color mode plus HAM6: serpentine non-ordered dithering (experimental), fixed non-ordered dithering when using CIEDE color distance, higher precision non-ordered dithering, faster bayer 8×8 dithering when CIEDE is also enabled.
  • HAM6, HAM8: faster dual mode.
  • Fixed HAM6 CIE94 set glitches.
  • Higher quality sliced ham6 conversion.
  • EHB extra palette optimization can now be disabled for better performance on slower machines.
  • EHB animation option added to the extra options tab (the same as ehb_animation cli mode).
  • HAM6 quadruple mode (very slow, experimental).
  • ZX/C64/Plus4: additional bayer 4×4 dithering option.

Update fixed a bug affecting non-amiga modes.
Update higher quality EHB animation mode.
Update faster EHB animation mode.

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