ham_convert 1.4.0

New in this version: more advanced HAM8 conversion and parallel HAM conversion.

Main mirror (all stable and testing versions)
External mirror


  • HAM8: added triple mode (3-pixel combination checking) and LAB mode (CIE76 and CIE94) adapted from the HAM6 conversion. Image processing using LAB colorspace visibly improves image quality. Single-threaded triple ham8 mode combined with LAB is very slow (minimum 40 minutes for a 720×480 picture using 1 CPU thread).
  • HAM modes: experimental parallel calculation originally intended to enable faster triple mode HAM8 conversion. Number of CPU threads can be adjusted in the extra options tab.
  • DynamicHires: fixed non-interlaced image conversion and iff saving (color changes work correctly every line).
  • DynamicHires: more colorful 8-color and 4-color modes. update (3.9.2019):

  • Fixed incorrect behaviour of the extra ham6 palette optimization.

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