ham_convert 1.3.2

New in this version: additional HAM6 conversion improvements, better dynamichires quality thanks to improved checks dithering.

Main mirror (all stable and testing versions)
External mirror


  • HAM6: updated LAB mode configuration: earlier normal option was disabled due to inferior quality, aggressive was renamed agressive-CIE76, added aggressive-CIE94 – new variant based on the CIE94 instead of CIE76. CIE94 option is usually more accurate, but sometimes causes glithes in red/orange/brown areas and should be considered experimental. CIEDE2000 was also tested but for now is unsuitable.
  • HAM6: improved triple mode image quality when not using LAB colorspace, but normal RGB.
  • DynamicHires: improved checks dithering – higher contrast and saturation. Achieves better quality than other dithering modes and often reduces artefacting. It’s still slow with 16 or more colors per line in hires. Speed also depends on a number of colors in each line of the source image (more combinations to check).
  • Wu’s color quantizer by Xiaolin Wu (often performs better than NeuQuant, experimental).
  • Amiga modes: preview tab added.
  • Credits tab added.
  • HAM6: early preview of the multipalette HAM6 conversion using DynamicHires palette calculation routines. HAM6 PCHG iff saving does not work yet and there are only very basic gui options.
  • Removed oversaturation glitch mode – confusing and not very useful.
  • HAM7 AGA was disabled because it wasn’t really possible on real hardware.
  • JRE11 compatibility fixes.

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