Parted Magic linux 2013_08_10 and 2013_09_07 – the last free versions

Parted Magic is a Linux distribution with disk partitioning and data recovery tools. It is free (as freedom) software under the GPL licence.
It was available for free from its homepage and various websites like SourceForge. After the Parted Magic 2013_08_10 was released the project stopped being freeware and became payware. The official website’s download section started offering a single download for $4.99 $9 or $49 for a one year subscription. Old and unstable images were still available for a few weeks on SourceForge and other websites. Then the official mirror removed any Parted Magic images. All remaining old and unstable images that were still available on SourceForge were also removed including old versions released when the distribution was freeware. They were also removed from most of other websites. MajorGeeks mirrors still have the older 2013_08_01 version.
Before images were deleted quite a lot of people downloaded them. Old versions are still mirrored on some websites. I’ve found a mirrored copy of a 2013_08_01 iso on MajorGeeks and a 2013_08_10 pxe version (newest free version) somewhere else. I haven’t found the newest iso version. 2013_08_01 is nearly the same as 2013_08_10, but I thought I could try to make a 2013_08_10 iso from these two. I’ve extracted the main SQFS archive from the 2013_08_10 pxe (it was inside initrd.img) and replaced the one inside the older 2013_08_01 iso image using IsoMaster. That was the most important file containing the main filesystem. I’ve replaced all files that are present in both iso and pxe versions including contents of the initrd.img. Testing under VirtualBox shows that it works and reports version 2013_08_10 under HardInfo. Conky also shows a newer kernel version. I’ve edited the boot menu so it reports the correct version in the boot menu, and it launches that version using SQFS files from the 2013_08_10 pxe.

Remember to support the author because putting this distribution together is his full-time job. Buy a single copy or a one year subscription at the official Parted Magic website.

I’ve posted all images I’ve found below. Use them at your own risk. All these images were downloaded when they were available for free (it’s still GPLv2). This post is just an archive of the last free versions. You’re free to mirror this post and/or links to these old free versions. According to the official Parted Magic website “Use on any number of computers as many times as you want. No restrictions”. My custom Parted Magic 2013_08_10 iso reconstructed from the pxe version is named pmagic_2013_08_10_reconstructed.iso.
Based on Phooen‘s feedback I’ve fixed the broken 64-bit boot option and the new image is: pmagic_2013_08_10_reconstructed_v2.iso.


Parted Magic 2013_08_10 (reconstructed)
Parted Magic 2014_06_10

Update (18.09.2013)

I’ve added Parted Magic 2013_09_07 UNSTABLE and 2013_08_09 UNSTABLE. Unstable versions may cause some problems and even damage your computer so use them only at your own risk. If you don’t want to risk choose my pmagic_2013_08_10_reconstructed.iso.

Update 2 (15.10.2013)

I’ve replaced my reconstructed 2013_08_10 iso version with a new version built using the 2013_08_10 pxe and menu configuration files from the 2013_08_09 iso instead of the 2013_08_01. This made Dutch, Turkish and Ukrainian translations added in 2013_08_10 version usable.

Update 3 (5.11.2013)

There was a warning on the Parted Magic’s home page:

 “WARNING! A few sites on the internet are offering a file called pmagic_2013_08_01.iso for free download. This version was released with a very destructive USB corruption bug in the Linux kernel. We removed this file from our official mirrors to minimize the damage and quickly released version 2013_08_10 to replace it. The 2013_08_01 version also included a bug in the OLD Secure Erase GUI that would allow a user to erase an ATA disk through a USB interface. In some cases it would brick the expensive USB device. The OLD GUI would also set the secure erase password to NULL by default and using the disk on a Lenovo BIOS is not possible because a password cannot be entered. Version 2013_09_26 does not contain these flaws and is completely safe to use. Sorry for any inconvenience or loss suffered by using this unofficial/unsupported FREE pmagic_2013_08_01.iso. You have been warned.” 

Please use version 2013_08_10 or newer to avoid critical bugs present in the 2013_08_01. As a safety precaution don’t use the Secure Erase GUI on USB devices.

You can find recent versions on the list of mirrors, which has been prepared on the basis of comments made by users, received messages and my own research. There are many free alternatives like UBCD Live, SystemRescueCD, GParted-live or LiveCDs of the most popular linux distributions like LinuxMint. You’re free to mirror this post/links/iso images.

Parted Magic archive (old free versions):

Parted Magic 2013_08_10 (last free version-fixed iso)
pmagic_2013_08_10_reconstructed_v2.iso (PXE version)
Parted Magic 2013_08_01 (WARNING! CRITICAL USB BUG. USE 2014_09_29)
pmagic_2013_08_01.iso (MajorGeeks mirror)
Parted Magic 2013_06_15 (old-use 2014_09_29)
Parted Magic 2013_09_07 (UNSTABLE - use newer versions below)
Parted Magic 2013_08_09 (UNSTABLE - use newer versions below)

Parted Magic mirrors:

Parted Magic 2015_04_05 (thanks to Emilio)
Parted Magic 2015_03_06 (thanks to Emilio and
Mirrors by - 2015_03_06 and older
Parted Magic 2015_01_13 (thanks to Emilio)
Parted Magic 2014_11_19 (thanks to Emilio)
pmagic_2014_11_19.iso (ftp mirror)
Parted Magic 2014_09_29 (thanks to Emilio)
pmagic_2014_09_29.iso (ftp mirror)
Parted Magic 2014_09_22 (thanks to Emilio, buggy-use 2014_09_29)
Parted Magic 2014_08_14 (thanks to Emilio)
pmagic_2014_08_14.iso (ftp mirror)
Parted Magic 2014_06_10 (thanks to Emilio)
pmagic_pxe_2014_06_10.tar.gz (PXE network boot version)
pmagic_2014_06_10.iso (ftp mirror)
Parted Magic 2014_04_28 (thanks to Emilio)
pmagic_2014_04_28.iso (ftp mirror)
Parted Magic 2014_02_26 (thanks to
Parted Magic 2014_01_04 (ftp mirror)

Other tools:

YUMI – Multiboot USB Creator
Yumi-home page
SystemRescueCd (free rescue livecd)
SystemRescueCd-home page
GParted-live (free rescue livecd based on gparted)
GParted-live on SourceForge
UBCD Live (free rescue cd from the Ultimate Boot CD developers)
UBCD Live main page
UBCD Live forum thread

36 comments on “Parted Magic linux 2013_08_10 and 2013_09_07 – the last free versions

  1. mYse|f on said:

    Thanks for this useful post!

  2. Mateusz on said:

    Mirror 2013_08_01 version,parted-magic.html

  3. babam on said:

    Thanks Boz, I want to download the Parted Magic 2013_09_07. Thanks a lot

    • mrsebe on said:

      Second link from the bottom of the page. If you have problems with use jdownloader 2 to download files from such sites.

  4. Daffyd K Jones on said:

    Thank you so much brother, I was looking for these downloads everywhere. God bless you

  5. Сергей on said:

    Here are a few discussion pages if anybody wants to know the full story:

  6. Lazza on said:

    First of all thanks for the links, I downloaded one right now. :)
    I understand the author’s view, I donated to the project even when it was free, but I don’t agree with *forcing* users to pay. He started asking donations, and that was nice and fair. But charging for FLOSS software (most of which he didn’t develop) without redistributing the sources is against the GPL. He can charge but he should respect the licenses…

    • mrsebe on said:

      It’s his decision. There are sources on his website ( I’ve bought a 2013_11_11 iso and the Polish translation has a few issues. Some captions are only partially translated like someone just picked words from a dictionary. I don’t know why somebody translated “Magic” from Parted Magic to Polish. Check disk health was translated as “Dysk twardy inspekcji sanitarnej”, terminals section as “zaciski”.

      • Lazza on said:

        Yes, you are right about the sources, at first I didn’t notice them. I agree, the Italian translation is “sad” as well. I still have a copy of Parted Magic from around June 2012 and I like it a lot more, and still use it. Also, it recognizes a damaged hard drive which both the new one and also Ubuntu 13.10 fail to read. It’s strange!
        I love the project and I think probably I will donate some more, but I liked the previous approach better. :)

  7. jelabarre on said:

    Are these images the “non-PAE” versions? There are still LOTS of perfectly servicable machines in use that do not have PAE-capable processors, but the “standard” version of PM requires PAE.

    • mrsebe on said:

      X86 versions from 2013_09_26 do not require the Physical Address Extension (PAE) computer processor feature. Older versions did. There was a i586 version up to 2013_08_01 but it was removed ( I’ve found a mirror:

  8. Marian on said:


  9. TonyCr on said:

    Could you share in mega the ‘sqfs’ file contained in pmagic_*.iso, PLZ? It’s lower in MB that iso file, right?

    In that way we just need update our sqfs file, keeping the old sqfs name’s… It’s just an idea!

    • mrsebe on said:

      I’m not the uploader of these images (just 2013_08_10 and older). Sqfs image is not the only file updated from version to version. For example the Linux kernel is stored in a separate file.

  10. Emilio on said:


  11. Phooen on said:

    Hello mrsebe,

    Thank you for your detailed information on Parted Magic.

    I’ve finally got Parted Magic 2013_08_10.
    However, I’m not sure how, but I cannot boot “Default settings 64 (Runs from RAM)” with a CD burned from “pmagic_2013_08_10_reconstructed.iso”.
    Of course Parted Magic can start from “Default settings 32 (Runs from RAM)” and work well on 32bit machines but some tools of Parted Magic, such as File Manager, cannot work so well on 64bit machines.

    I would appreciate if you could advise me in this matter.

    Best regards,

    • mrsebe on said:

      Test results:
      CD: 32-bit works, 64-bit doesn’t.
      USB (unetbootin): 32-bit works, 64-bit works (!).
      -Ignore it and use 32-bit mode. 64-bit mode makes no difference (supports more RAM) and it’s pointless for a recovery distribution.
      -Use Parted Magic 2014_09_29 (the bottom of the page). Old versions like 2013_08_10 have more bugs and worse hardware support.

      • Phooen on said:


        It’s good to know that the cause is its bugs.
        I think Parted Magic would be used mainly to run Secure Erase or to rescue files in case an OS crashes, so 32bit mode would be useful enough.

        I asked the question because I would like to introduce this blog and your “pmagic_2013_08_10_reconstructed.iso” as a FREE Parted Magic on my blog in Japanese. Would you mind if I do that?


  12. Libertx on said:

    Thank you so much and Emilio!

  13. duffy64b on said:

    thx 4 the upload

    does anyone have an entry for grub4dos?

    the new pmagic_2015_03_06 version only starts from a standalone usb stick but not in a subfolder
    after booting i get an error “mounting the fu.sqfs failed”

    please post your working menu.lst if it works with grub4dos

    • mrsebe on said:

      I don’t use grub4dos. Multiboot usb can be made using yumi.

      • duffy64b on said:

        i know that tool, but it makes the same code, as i already have
        the 2013 version of partedmagic works perfectly on my multiboot stick
        but this new version get stuck

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