ham_convert 0.9.2

A new version with a few improvements.

Get it here:
Mirror (all versions)


  • Any Amiga mode (excluding sliced and HAM10) is now supporting IFF saving.
  • Internal palette generator should now generate more unique colors in OCS modes, but it will take a little longer.
  • New experimental EHB palette generator. The old one was very primitive and almost always produced pictures with less than 64 unique colors. Due to the nature of the used algorithms not all pictures will look good, especially very colorful low contrast pictures. It’s an early version that requires further research and testing.


Koszalin - droga osiedlowa (ehb iff)

Koszalin – droga osiedlowa (ehb iff)

Kołobrzeg - port (ehb iff)

Kołobrzeg – port (ehb iff)

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