ham_convert 0.9

This version brings the missing part of the RGB to HAM conversion – ILBM IFF export. Generated images can now be viewed on real hardware. This page was used as a reference: http://wiki.amigaos.net/wiki/ILBM_IFF_Interleaved_Bitmap

Get it here:
Mirror (all versions)


  • HAM6: added IFF saving. IFF files have been tested with IrfanView, XnView and Deluxe Paint 5 on WinUAE. IrfanView decodes ocs color levels as 0,16,32,…,240 instead of 0,17,34,…,255. This makes images a bit darker.
  • HAM8: added IFF saving.
  • Code cleanup and small bugfixes.

Test picture: Sunset over Shinjuku by Joi from here. Testing platform: WinUAE 3.0.0., emulated Amiga 1200 with 4 MB fast ram, clean installation of Workbench 3.1, no RTG.

Base image

Base image

HAM8 IFF - Deluxe Paint 5

HAM8 IFF – Deluxe Paint 5

HAM6 IFF - Deluxe Paint 5

HAM6 IFF – Deluxe Paint 5

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