ham_convert 0.8.3

A new version with a few fixes and optimizations.

Get it here:
Mirror (all versions)


  • DynamicHires: added a Bayer dithering option. The resulting image will be slightly brighter masking some of the per-line palette variations.
  • DynamicHires: a new option (RPT) that enables using the same palette in up to 4 consecutive horizontal lines to reduce artefacting.
  • Added a Custom mode – 4-256 colors from 3-24-bit colorspace.
    Warning: when using a colorspace other than a 24-bit RGB the number of colors in the resulting image may be lower than the desired number of colors. Color reduction functions (from the java advanced imaging library) tend to produce colors outside the colorspace of the source image (if it wasn’t 24-bit RGB). Converting the resulting palette back to the target colorspace often results in the presence of a few duplicated colors. When converting from 24-bit RGB to for example 12-bit there are only 16 levels for each channel instead of 256. After rounding to these 16 levels a few colors will get the same color values due to a lower precision of the target colorpace.
  • Internal palette generator: code cleanup,┬áspeed optimizations.

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