ham_convert 0.7.1

Just a small maintenance update.

Get it here:

Here’s a list of changes:

  • Atkinson dithering is now available in Amiga modes. This method originates from the oldest Mac computers. Provides better contrast and a classic Mac look, but very bright and very dark areas may become washed out.
  • Amiga OCS: Changed the fixed base palette option to use 4-bit (16 level) grayscale. Use a custom optimized palette option for the maximum quality.
  • Amiga AGA: Changed the fixed base palette option to use 4-5-3 level RGB with additional 4 levels of gray (6 total). Creating this palette was just an experiment but it produces much better results in the HAM8 mode than the previous 6-bit RGB. It’s also bundled as a separate pal file so that anyone can use it outside the application. It can be used in realtime RGB to HAM8 conversion where there in no time to calculate a new palette every frame. Optimized palette option gives the best results but this one is quite good for a fixed palette.
  • Fixed quite a few bugs.

    4-5-3 level RGB plus 4 levels of gray (6 total)

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