ham_convert 1.8.8

New in this version: ham8 fixes, updated ham6 palette optimizer, added Median Cut quantizer, gui fixes.

Main mirror (all stable and testing versions)
External mirror


  • HAM6/HAM8: fixed a bug when converter tended to use HAM modify commands even if it could use a base-color instead (if set and modify produce the same color). If the output image still has background mostly encoded using modify operations most likely the exact background color isn’t present in the palette. NeuQuant and Wu often produce slightly altered background color. You can try updating the palette manually (using built-in palette editor or editing pal file in text editor) or switching color quantizer to Median Cut (keep in mind that it’s not as advanced as Neuquant or Wu and it may decrease quality).
  • HAM6: extra ham6 palette optimization can now optionally check all possible 4096 colors.
  • Added Median Cut quantizer to the Amiga modes as an alternative to NeuQuant and Wu.
  • Various gui fixes and tweaks.
  • CIE78 usually produces more glitch-free output, but CIE94 reduces other artefacts. It is recommended to try both variants.

ham_convert (and any other java app) can be run on Steam Deck. Download Java runtime directly from Oracle: https://download.oracle.com/java/17/latest/jdk-17_linux-x64_bin.tar.gz. Extract this file to another folder, for example /home/deck/java/. Inside this folder you should see a bin folder (which contains all the needed Java binaries). We now have a portable Java environment that we can use for any Java applications. Place the ham_convert folder in /home/deck. Now you need to run a command in the terminal to start ham_convert (you have to modify last path if you placed ham_convert executable elsewhere):
/home/deck/java/bin/java -jar /home/deck/ham_convert/ham_convert_1.8.8.jar
You can also modify the included start.sh. This script needs to have executable permissions in order for Steam to launch it.

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