ham_convert 1.6.0

New in this version: improved CIE94 HAM6 conversion, command line mode, black border option, various fixes.

Main mirror (all stable and testing versions)
External mirror


  • HAM5: save as 6-plane iff option (better compatibility, suggested by cholok).
  • HAM6: alternative “slower” palette optimization mode.
  • HAM6: substantial reduction of CIE94 glitching.
  • EHB: increased initial palette size to 96. Added additional analysis step and similar color removal strength selection.
  • Amiga modes: black border (palette index 0) option.
  • Experimental command line mode: java -jar ham_convert.jar image_path mode (parameter 3+) (example: java -jar ham_convert.jar C:\img\test.png ham6). If you start the program without “java -jar” it will be launched in the background.
    • Parameter 1 – source file path (unicode console required for diacritic characters).
    • Parameter 2 – mode: ham6, ham6_fast, ham6_slow (ham6 with palette optimizer), ham8, ham8_fast, ham8_slow, ocs4, ocs8, ocs16, ocs32, ehb, aga64, aga128, aga256, dhires (dynamic hires 16-color per line). None specified=ham6 (parameters 3, 4 ignored). Ham6 will also be used if incorrect mode was specified.
    • Parameter 3+ – optional settings: dither (enable Bayer dithering for most modes, Checks for DynamicHires, Checks lines-mixed for ham6), dither_fs (enable Floyd-Steinberg dithering for most modes, Constrained Sierra Lite for DynamicHires, adds additional noise to ham6 that can increase the number of artefacts), norle (disable lossless iff rle compression), normalize (stretch contrast – normalize range to 0-255), black_bkd (force black background color – always set palette color 0 to black), fixed_pal (use fixed palette: 16-level grayscale on ocs, rgb453level+6level grayscale on aga).

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