ham_convert 1.3.0

New in this version: alternative CIELAB-based HAM6 conversion mode, more advanced DynamicHires/PCHG conversion, checks dithering in non-HAM modes, support for saving PCHG IFF files.

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  • HAM6: alternative LAB error calculation mode using CIELAB colorspace instead of RGB is now available in the extra options tab. Often produces better results than the old RGB version but is much slower.
  • Non-HAM Amiga modes, DynamicHires and Custom mode: added checks dithering suitable for indexed color modes. Very mild ordered dithering adding an additional intermediate color for every two palette colors.
  • DynamicHires is now expanded to support 4-64 colors (32 and EHB only in lores on real hardware), PCHG iff saving, more centralized user interface similar to the rest of Amiga modes supporting palette edition, selection of a number of modified colors or locked colors that are never modified (from the most frequently used in the source image, to reduce horizontal blockiness). More advanced algorithms are used that select replacement colors by measuring how well they maintain vertical color transitions from the source image.
  • Fixed non-Windows startup crash bug.

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