ham_convert 1.2.0

A new release with HAM6 and DynamicHires improvements and bug fixes.

Main mirror (all stable and testing versions)
External mirror


  • HAM6: use the original color converted to rgb444 instead of the unmodified original color when choosing the ham operation. Provides better color and detail reproduction.
  • HAM6: optional dual pixel error calculation with forward prediction. SET is used more extensively on sharp edges. This feature is experimental.
  • DynamicHires and sliced mode: in laced pictures color changes only happen on even lines.
  • DynamicHires: speed optimizations, 1D dithering was replaced by a better looking constrained Sierra Lite.
  • All modes: dithering propagation factor selection (5%-100%).
  • Small bug fixes in the color distance function.
  • Updated user interface.

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